Northwest Arkansas Hams

We are a group of ham radio operators that
thrives on the enjoyment of the hobby and
camaraderie of our fellow hams.

Our stations are located all around  N.W. Arkansas
including  Washington, Benton, Madison and Carroll Counties.

Many of the operators are part of local ham radio
organizations such as The Hogville Amateur Radio Club,A.R.K.A.N., B.C.R.O.
NWARKUHF Society and the
Noise Blankers Radio Group
Bella Vista Amateur Radio Club

    Local repeaters provide many options for amateur radio uhf/vhf communication opportunities. Here is a link to several popular NWA repeater frequencies.

NWA area linked repeaters

Strong 2 Meter Repeaters
146.700  Elkins                       110.9
147.225  Lowell                       103.5
146.865  Eureka Springs            146.2 
147.315  Dodd Mtn.                  97.4 
145.310 Green Forest                 103.5
146.730  Green Forrest            136.5


 Start time for 
Hogvillehams Thursday Night Net
8:00 pm on 147.315 & 146.730

New VE testing event on News page

Calendar of NWA ham radio nets and events:

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 link to document every ham should read: Here

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